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This "Next Steps Guide" covers the following:

  • Steps to Protect Your Personal Assets from the LLC's Liabilities.
  • The Operating Agreement.
  • The LLC Bank Account and Personal vs Business Expenses.
  • How to Fund the LLC and Maintain Adequate Capitalzation.
  • Tax Elections and Restrictions for Your LLC.
  • How to Pay Yourself (depending upon Tax Election).
  • How Managers and Members Should Make (and Record) Decisions.     
  • How to Enter into Agreements.
  • How to Present LLC and Yourself to the Public.
  • Registering LLC in Other States.
  • Business Permits/Licenses.
  • Corporate Transparency Act / Beneficial Ownership Information Reports
  • Other Miscellaneous Tips                                                                                                 

LLC Comprehensive "Next Steps Guide" (Over 20 Pages)

  • A common question after forming an LLC is, “OK, now what?”  This Next Steps Guide will help you answer that question by outlining the issues that you need to address and by making suggestions on how to set up your LLC for success.

  • As a digital customizable word document, once it is downloaded it cannot verifiably be "returned" or deleted.  As such, unfortunately, we do not allow returns or refunds, and we hope you understand!  However, if you ordered the wrong legal template in the same category (e.g., a Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement instead of a Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement), note that although just let us know and we'll send you the correct one.

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